The International College of Holistic Medicine


The International College of Holistic Medicine

The International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM) was founded in 1992 as an accrediting body for natural health courses and as an umbrella organisation for practicing natural health therapists.

Accreditation by The International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM) is a guarantee of quality. This means that the learning programme of the specific training establishment has been evaluated and approved by an independent panel of experienced educational professionals. In this way we are able to maintain the very highest therapy standards for the benefit of both the practitioners and their patients.

Students successfully completing ICHM accredited courses receive recognised Diplomas which entitle them to practice as therapists.

We are also here to help the students of various different Natural Health Subjects get into practice, by way of providing links to insurers, who provide Public Liability Insurance, once they have passed their final exams. It was felt that they needed such an umbrella organisation to shelter under.

Fees: Full Annual Membership costs just £50:00.

It is essential for ALL practicing therapists to carry adequate insurance to cover themselves in case things go wrong. This is a legal requirement in most countries. We can help all our members with this.

The I.C.H.M. is a non-profit-making organization run by a members committee.

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